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Karosta museum


Linden avenues, the Baltic sea, northern fort debris sunken in it, a riding hall, Karosta jail, barracks, blocks of Soviet flats and their ghosts  Karosta exhibits. Karosta was Russia's tsar Alexander III navy base, and later it served as a Soviet Baltic region navy base. The exhibits are parts of the designed building and its surroundings: materials, textures, colours, forms, spaces. All these elements are used to design the leisure and culture centre. The linden avenues turn into pine avenues, the riding hall - into a loggia/gallery, and in its centre - a gently rippling pool, the Baltic sea. Along its side there is an allusion to the soviet philosophy - a monolithic five story building.

Karosta's resident can experience a familiar environment, and he/she is offered a different function and quality of the space.


architecture competition Ghost town challenge


Miglė Nainytė, Austė Kuliešiūtė

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