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Dance and movement center interior design

We chose an impression of an inner courtyard for the dance and movement studio, where life boils both indoors and in an open space, and all residents are a community. Spaces designed in this way: dance halls (classical and modern dance), changing and coaching rooms and auxiliary rooms, and the epicenter of everything, where the most active communication takes place. Volumes of different heights, connected by wooden, openwork terrace ceilings, are used to enhance the architecture and feel of the courtyard. We designed the hall space with a semi-wooden frame and a semi-transparent volume, which gives the space dynamics and graphics. Large spaces remain visually open, with curtains of different colors and textures inside as needed. This visual connection makes the waiting person curious additionally creates a deeper perspective on the space.
To enhance the contrast of the cozy and quiet hall, the auxiliary rooms designed to be bright, colorful, and graphic. Black graphic elements in the premises and architectural details accompany all the spaces as map symbols.

area: 200m ²

place: Vilnius, Lithuania

year: 2019

authors: Miglė Nainytė, Austė Kuliešiūtė

photos: Simonas Linkevičius

stage: built

client: DMC

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