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Exposition "Playground. Winter." Playtime Paris

An exposition interpreting the collection “Glacier Melt”.

How to formalize the images of the winter theme: melting ice, curved mirrors, water reflections, give texture, materiality? How to feel in winter? Here, the interactivity of space and object in space is important - to touch, to sink, to interpret, to associate. We were looking for materials and forms.  Often inspiration, ideas are born in the search for materials. What inspiring hardware stores! Swipe your hand over the polycarbonate plate and you see how the silhouette of a colleague expands, splits into verticals - an architectural gender of ice. Concrete blocks - rough matte volumes, hold cold silver bars. Polycarbonate plates strung with steel bars form the background and exposure space  winter collection objects.

Location: Payz, France


authors: Miglė Nainytė, Austė Kuliešiūtė

photos by Joana Burn

stage: realized

client: Anchovy

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