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Exposition "Playground. Summer". Playtime Paris

The space playground was born for the Anchovy collection "Pink is Blue". We were inspired by the architectural, somewhat futuristic and, in a sense, strange objects of the collection. The idea of space as an unfathomable, ever-discovered space began to evolve. Unpredictable, inspiring phenomena take place in it, amorphous objects are born. In the space playground, the most characteristic features and the most interesting corners reveal the exhibited clothes.

We chose earthy materials to create the image of the space playground: wood and concrete. However, the properties of these materials allow the formation of picturesque fictional elements, such as planets, revolving around vast graphic wooden structures. Objects are minimalist, so their expression, texture, and the principle of their connection are very important. The joints of the wooden structure, like an element that surrounds each other, hold it next to each other. This creates the impression of instability and temporaryness. Planets are forms of cast concrete that not only rotate around ingrained wooden elements, but also maintain balance, only possible in space or gravity games.

With objects, we create a personal and picturesque space for exhibits, which leaves space for interpretation and emotion.

Location: Paris, France

year: 2017

authors: Miglė Nainytė, Austė Kuliešiūtė

photos by Joana Burn

stage: realized

customer: Anchovy

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