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Loft 555


The main desire of the customer is to have a private lounge in the loft.

So the wall, turned diagonally across the space, formed an enclosed bedroom space and a living space that flows into the hall. The wall from the bedroom becomes a wardrobe, from the kitchen - a sideboard.

The position of the wall forms two unconventional volumes of the trapezoidal plan.

The trapezoidal living space, opening through an invisible bedroom door, grows from narrow to wide, as if dedicating itself only to the master’s bed. And the living room, a backyard for the rest area, invites both the owner of the loft and his friends. The living room and kitchen area, opening onto the hall, complement its function. Here, with the arrival of the host’s mother, father and brother, and perhaps even straying uninvited guests, a large Christmas table appears in the hall space on the plywood inclusion in the concrete floor. And when it's not there, the plywood circle does its job -  becomes the carpet of the English Setter.

Austė Kuliešiūtė, Miglė Nainytė

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