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Muziejaus architektūra

Karosta City Museum


Liepų Alley, the Baltic Sea, the ruins of the northern fort sunk in the sea, the manege, Karosta Prison, barracks, a chain of Soviet apartment buildings and their ghosts - Karosta exhibits. Karosta was the naval base of Tsar Alexander III of Russia and later served as the base of the Soviet Baltic Navy.  

Exhibits are parts of the designed building and environment: materials, textures, colors, shapes, spaces. The leisure and cultural center is designed from these details. The lime alleys become pine alleys, the manege turns into a loggia / gallery with a swimming pool in the center - the Baltic Sea. It is an allusion of Soviet philosophy - a monolithic five-storey building. A recognizable environment is created for the inhabitants of Karosta, offering another function of space, quality.

area: -
place: Karosta, Latvia
year: 2016
authors: Miglė Nainytė, Austė Kuliešiūtė

images: MOA
stage: competitive project

competition: International architecture competition "Ghost town challenge"

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