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The exposition of the most beautiful
lithuanian books of 2020 / 2021

The theme of 2022 book fair ‘Image as text’ prompted the direction for the exposition’s concept of the most beautiful book of the year. The architectural narrative of the exhibition is told through senses and experience. Individual pedestal, made in papier-mâché technique, is dedicated for each book. This is played by the relationship of form and matter. Static form of the book is arranged on the dynamic and embossed form of the pedestal. The relationship between the visual content of dimensional and planar is emphasized.

Spectator is invited to find their own individual connection with each book in the rhythmically set space. The materiality of exposition directly corresponds to the materiality of exhibits; the same material is used – paper. More than 0,5 ton of collected cardboard was used for the pedestals. In two weeks of MOA studio collaboration with II year Interior Design students of Vilnius Academy of Arts, the piles of cardboard turned into 42 pedestals for the 42 most beautiful books.

location: LITEXPO, Vilnius, Lithuania

year: 2022

authors: Miglė Nainytė(architect), Marcelina Juočerė (architect);

Karyna Karavaya (assistant to architect); VAA interior design II year students

photos: Rita Raziūnaitė

stage: built

client: Lithuanian Culture Institute 

papier mache postamentai
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