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Window display exposition
Glasses on

We chose light as a tool to draw attention. A laconic, clean form designed to accommodate the light.
The round shape is associative to the sun, pupil, moon, cycle. It’s inviting, eye-catching,
“looking at you” element.
One of the volumetric elements has been put beyond the boundaries of the window display, thus making you pay even more attention to it.
The color spectrum of the light can be changed when needed to create a different scenario.
Graphic elements (posters, photos) fill spatial objects with content. Visual content changeable on demand, light intensity, and color become Glasses on optics communication tools.

place: Vilnius, Lithuania

year: 2020

authors: Miglė Nainytė, Austė Kuliešiūtė

photos: Simonas Linkevičius

stage: built

client: Glasses on 

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