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Labels - glass ingots

The existing interior of the optics shop ‘Glasses on’ called for the tone of the utmost sensitivity when bringing materiality to the space. Navigational objects – trademark references – arranged next to the objects of the optics shop – glasses. The objective is to inform, exist but do not overshadow. The uniting material is chosen – glass.

Old glass is revived for a new story. Dusty ingots of glass are found in the Department of Site-Specific Art of Vilnius Academy of Arts. Massive white and colorful glass elements, once a part of various interiors of cafes and hotels operating in the Soviet era (in the stained-glass windows, decorative partition walls and reliefs) are manually broken, polished and settled in the shelfs of the optics shop. When the glass splits, every ingot naturally demonstrates its individual dynamic form, and a trademark is matched accordingly.

The character of glass material is to reflect and be transparent. Here it is transformed to clearly visible and heavy objects, which at the same time subtly convey the information. The references of trademarks blend in the environment and gain a sense of belonging.

place: Vilnius, Lithuania

year: 2022

authors: Miglė Nainytė

photo: Karyna Karavaya

stage: built

client: Glasses on

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