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Exposition of the works of the best Lithuanian illustrators at the Bologna Children's Book Fair. The image of the opened book is chosen for the exhibition, interpreting it and highlighting the essential aesthetic-semantic aspects: lightness, brightness, mystery and playfulness.

Without limiting functional connections, we divide the exhibition space into two main areas: communication and illustrations. In order not to visually overload the space with a large amount (~ 180 pcs.) Of colorful visual information, we form a separate niche with a door to display each illustration. The text describing the illustration and its author shall be written on the outside and inside of the door. The visitor watching the illustrations is not just a passive observer, but he himself becomes the creator of the main pavilion exhibit. Also in this wall, next to the illustrations, niches are formed for the book of a particular author, which can be flipped by the visitor while sitting on the adjacent ottomans.

The tools used in the exhibition and their harmonious relationship and playfulness are mesmerizing and educational. The created balance between the playful elements and the textual and visual information is acceptable to the visitor of any age group, which interests him and encourages him to get to know the topic more deeply, developing the person's views on the environment.

authors: Miglė Nainytė, Austė Kuliešiūtė

photos: MOA
client: Lithuanian Institute of Culture

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