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"The improvisations of classical soprano are illustrated by the movements of contemporary dance.


Constantly hungry, never enough. I don’t feel full, just overwhelmed. Hunger leads me forward — that wild and unbridled natural desire to fill empty spaces: an empty stomach, an empty heart, an empty identity, an empty today, and an equally empty tomorrow, an empty, utterly empty being of mine. I fill my stomach instead of my heart, I fill tomorrow and I forget today, I fill my day with activities, my brain with information, I darken my eyes with a radiant screen and I forget my being. And even when everything is already over, still missing, I still feel hungry.

What the hell is missing?

Hunger is a nonverbal sensory narrative about a woman who longs to find herself. “My image is who I am? And if not, who am I? ” Driven by the need to grasp his fragile and intangible essence, he finds himself on the path of searching for his identity. She tries to put on thousands of different sizes, colors and styles of clothes, does not dive from one coat of identity to another in order to understand and experience her being. " U. Dievaitytė

authors: Austė Kuliešiūtė, Ugnė Dievaitytė, Rosa Miranda Fernandez, Tat Satie, Vilius Vilutis
stage: realized

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